A Black Holocaust

In America

The East St. Louis Massacre of 1917



"Nothing Kills Like Depraved White Men

No Other Man...No Other Beast"

Gregory Brown, Director - Black Holocaust Society


Between 1824 and 1943 there were over 300 events classified as “Race Riots” in which entire white communities turn on and murdered, maimed and destroyed entire Black communities. There were 26 such events in major cities during the summer of 1919 alone. This period has been tagged by historians as “The Red Summer of 1919”.  Between the months of April and September of that year, tens of hundreds of Black Americans were killed or maimed for economic, social, political and other reasons. They caused over 375,000 Blacks to leave the Southern border states, and flood the North. In the riots in the farthest northern states many Blacks recalled the East St. Louis race riot and dared to fight back.


The most recognized massacre of Blacks in mass was depicted in the movie “Rosewood” in which the Black township in Florida was destroyed and an estimated 150 Blacks were killed in 1923 and more recently revealed Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, were an estimated 300 to 3000 Blacks were killed and over 7800 were left homeless. Whites used airplanes and dynamite to bomb and destroy over 600 Black businesses in a 35 square block area. The Tulsa riot is also known as the story of “Black Wall Street”.  


Both survivors of these so called riots have successfully gained reparations for the murderous and destructive acts of white Americans. As bad as each of these events were, none before or since then equal the level of barbarity, butchery and savagery as that of white America on at 11:oclock am on July 2nd 1917, “The East St. Louis Massacre of 1917”.


Now the grizzly details of the worse case of “American Terrorism”, is revealed in a booklet published by the Black Holocaust Society of Milwaukee in its series called “A Black Holocaust in America”. The BHS was created for the purpose of researching holocaustic events in American history such as “white” race riots and lynchings. The first in the series released June 19th 2002 is The East St. Louis Massacre of 1919 which is a compilation of investigative reports that display the hidden and ugly history.


The first report “The History of The East St. Louis Race Riot”, was written by Ida B. Wells-Barnett (The real mother of civil rights) on the 3rd day of the riots. She was sent to investigate after the Colored Citizens of Chicago got word of the atrocities against innocent Black men, women and children The details covered in her report are so vile, so gross that the United States Military Intelligence Division on Negro Subversives, confiscated the report and locked it up classified “TOP SECRET” and sealed until 1986 in the vaults of the National Archives in Washington DC.


Even though her report was spirited away by US Army soldiers, it was sent to the 65th Congress as requested by the Colored Citizens of Chicago. The 65th Congress created a sub-committee to investigate the massacre and the results were even more hideous than Mrs. Barnett’s independent report. So embarrassing to America overseas, that from over 6000 pages of sworn testimony and evidence produced by its hearings, Congress only allowed a 24 page summary of its work to be published. They intentionally refused to disclose the results of the full investigation. It was sealed and never mentioned again. Until now.


Congress in its great wisdom decided that the circumstances that surrounded “The East St. Louis Massacre” were to be preserved for future generations to deal with. The effect that resulted was that all of the hundreds or thousands of whites that murdered between 250 and 700 unarmed Black men, women and children in the most despicable ways ever chronicled in American history are all so old they are either already dead or dieing and that includes and Black survivors of the holocaust. The act also deprived Black America of Justice. It is pure and simple case of “Justice Denied”.


Excerpt from the East St. Louis Race Riot of 1919.


The East Side Atrocities:Carlos Hurd of the Post-Dispatch staff, who was an eyewitness of the atrocities on the East Side, told a plain circumstantial story of the outrage he witnessed.  "The assaults and murders were cold-blooded, deliberate and incredibly brutal.  They were not the mob infuriated against particular offenders.  They were the work of groups of men and women who sought on, and burned out the Negroes and then shot, beat, kicked and hanged them.  The work was done in a spirit of flippant, relentless barbarism.  Mr. Hurd described it as a man-hunt."


“Get a nigger,” was the slogan, and it was varied by the recurrent cry, “Get another!”  It was like nothing so much as the holiday crowd, with thumbs turned down, in the Roman Coliseum, except that here the shouters were their own gladiators, and their own wild beasts.”


“The news of these murders and fresh outrages spread rapidly, and the streets soon filled with excited people. Men and boys, girls and women of the town began to attack every Negro in sight. All fared alike, young and old, women and children; none was spared. The crowd soon grew to riotous proportions, and for hours the man hunt continued, stabbing, clubbing and shooting, not the guilty but unoffending Negroes. One was hanged from a telephone pole and another had a rope tied around his neck and was dragged through the streets, the maddened crowd kicking and beating him as he lay prostrate and helpless.”


“The Greatest Outrage of the Twentieth Century"

Ida B. Wells-Barnett


Adolph Hitler, was a corporal in the Austrian army on this day in 1917, and even he would shun white America for its level of savagery. As an historical foot note, some historians feel the Germans got their "final solution" to the Jewish problem from America’s treatment of Blacks. The newspaper accounts of lynchings at which thousands attended were widely read in the English and German press.


Germans realized that if the entire dominant community is against minority or unpopular members of that community after sufficient vilification of the minority or unpopular group, the dominant group can do what they want no matter how horrible, and punishment, if any, will mirror public opinion. The Nazi cause was also the same. White Supremacy


That future generation the 65th Congress left the circumstances to deal with, is US. The complete reports are direct transcripts of original “CLASSIFIED” investigative reports with first person accounts and testimonials of actions too graphic vile to print here. Each document is sworn by affidavit to be formatted for print only. All of the reports are historically true and as accurate as its author intended it.  You won’t find this information in ANY history book!


The East St. Louis Massacre of 1917 is Exhibit “A” as evidence for reparations for past atrocities against Black Americans, not as slaves, but as free citizens of the United States. It is the ultimate end of unchecked American Racism.

The E-Book PDF Version of the East St. Louis Massacre of 1917 - $12.99 Online Paperback Version $19.95. Check, MO, Black Holocaust Society, 1027 E. Pleasant Street. Room 206, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202. Call 414-273-0344 or Email: darkganle001@aol.com for more information.